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Reinforced Concrete Foundations
for New or Existing Buildings

Serving Vermont and New Hampshire
Since 1982

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Andy Cochran replaced the old foundation and footings under my barn with a new reinforced concrete foundation and footings. He even replaced the rotten sills while the building was jacked up.

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Andy is amazing! He did what I thought was the impossible. He replaced a weak, cracked foundation that was on the verge of collapsing under my huge two story creamery building. It feels great to have a new solid foundation under the creamery which is attached to my house. Now I don't have to worry about the foundation falling over and taking the building down with it.  Thank you Andy, for doing such a great job
John Heartson, Barnet VT

Andy does the work that few contractors are knowledgeable enough to do. He's a craftsman from a time gone by. Besides being honest, he comes in on his estimates time after time. He's the "go to guy" for me
Bruce Beauvais, Ryegate, VT

Andy Cochran has been my house caretaker, foundation-builder, plowman, roof maintainer, wood supplier, property supervisor, advice giver and totally reliable home maintenance man for more than 10 years. He's the best. I depend on him for everything needed to maintain my house.
Dorcas Gray, Peacham, VT


Reinforced Concrete Foundations for:
New construction - Existing Buildings
Houses - Barns - Garages - Camps

New construction
Competitive prices on reinforced concrete foundations for new construction

Existing Foundation Problems?
Is your foundation: cracked, falling over, or just a pile of old stones? It doesn't matter.  I can replace the entire foundation or just the bad section with new, high strength steel reinforced concrete for less than you might think.

What Do You Do?
With an existing structure, first we jack up and support the building. Then we excavate and remove the old damaged foundation in sections. Footing forms are built. New steel reinforced concrete footings are poured.  We install steel rebar, assemble the foundation forms. The concrete is poured into the forms. After it hardens, the forms are removed.  The process is repeated until all of the foundation work is completed. The jacks and supports are removed. Then foundation drainage can be installed and the area backfilled. 

Competitive Prices

Call Andy Cochran at 802-684-9890

Andy Cochran. A.C. Trades Foundation repair, foundation replacement. Serving the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont including: NEK Barnet VT, Cabot VT, Marshfield VT, St. Johnsbury VT, Passumpsic VT, Plainfield VT, Wells River VT, Groton VT, Newbury VT, Bradford VT, Lyndonville VT, Montpelier VT, Barre VT, Danville VT, Monroe NH, Woodsville NH, Littleton NH, Fairlee VT, Orford NH,
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