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Foundation Repair and Replacement under 100 Year Old Creamery in Barnet VT

building is supported by jacks and the old foundation is removedthe old foundation rubble is removed and carted awaynew reinforced concrete footings and foundation are install in sections

The building is supported, the old foundation removed and replaced in sections.

the foundation of a large building can be replaced in sectionsthe forms are assembled and prepared for the next pour of concretethe old defective slab inside the building and inadequate footings were removed while the building was supported with posts and jacks

Plenty of steel rebar is used in the footings and the new walls

new footings being pouredA.C. Trades, Andy Cochran has the experience to repair, or replace your foundation with a strong reinforced concrete foundationforms for frost wall assembled, rebar installed and wired and concrete poured

This project took less than 3 weeks

new slab being poured over dry sand base with lots of rebar installedsmoothing out the slabpower trowel improves the final surface finish

The customer wanted to convert the lower floor into a 2 car garage

new foundation is complete, with foam insulation and drainage, ready for backfillConcrete complete. The rest is carpentry.after new clapboards and paint this is what it will look like

Foundation complete, drainage installed, backfilled and ready for the carpenters