Wellness Counseling - Janet Heartson, Barnet, Vermont

Janet Heartson – Wellness Consulting

A healing process that includes Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology and Spirituality. The process is gentle and effective and often faster than other forms of therapy.  Get to the heart of the matter with Janet Heartson at  www.heartsons.com

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Dreamery Productions – Vermont Recording Studio

Located in W. Barnet Vermont, Dreamery Productions – recording studio, offers multi-track recording with integrated audio and midi. Experienced engineer, producer, songwriter, arranger, sound designer. Perfect for singer songwriters, gigging bands, acoustic acts and much more.

John Heartson music producer sitting behind the controls at Dreamery Productions recording studio.

Music by John Heartson

Recording artist, engineer and record producer John Heartson, lives in a 100+ year old creamery in Vermont and drives an antique Mercedes powered by waste vegetable oil. His mesmerizing music is as eclectic as he is. Genre bending pop, rock, techno and new age. The stories are true, the music is entertaining and hypnotic. His latest music video “In Vermontis going “Vermont viral” on YouTube

John and Janet Heartson, West Barnet, VT

Your Hosts – John & Janet Heartson

Janet is a spiritually based counselor certified in alternative treatments. Janet Heartson is also the author of “Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life” published by Rail Road Street Press, St. Johnsbury, VT

John is a songwriter, recording engineer and mechanical engineer, spending much of his time in the recording studio and working on the restoration of the old creamery.